Utahns for a Just Peace in the Holy Land  (UJPHL) is a coalition of civil and human rights advocates who promote peace with justice in Israel and Palestine. We believe that a true and lasting peace in the region cannot be imposed, but instead must be based on justice as already set forth by international law and United Nations Resolutions. Read more….

“War is not a predetermined fate, but a human choice.” The Parents Circle-Family Forums

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Today, the program of Israeli annexation continues to threaten Palestinians in the West Bank, including the most fertile agricultural land of the Jordan Valley, which is still slated for Israel’s latest land grab. Of course, this is simply the continuation of over 72 years of land theft, dispossession, apartheid and genocide – but it requires continued mobilization and action to confront, alongside the siege on Gaza, the mass imprisonment of Palestinians, the demolition of homes, the denial of Palestinian refugees’ right to return and further war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Learn more at  Days of Resistance for Palestine, 7-9 August 2020 and join the resistance today!

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Please sign the petition calling for an investigation by the International Criminal Court.

Eyad was a Palestinian with autism who attended a special needs center in Jerusalem. On his way there one morning, Israeli police killed him with three shots to the center of his body from close range. Eyad’s caretaker Warda pleaded for his life and shouted at the police in Hebrew and Arabic that he was a person with a disability. 

Killing people with disabilities is not defense. Raise your voice to end US funding for Israel’s military.

Most Recent Events

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November 12-14, 2019

Combatants for Peace spoke at the First Unitarian Church, Salt Lake City, November 13.

Former Palestinian prisoners and Israeli Combat soldiers and officers laid down their weapons and established Combatants for Peace, a Nobel Peace Prize nominated movement, founded on the belief that the cycle of violence can only be broken when Israelis and Palestinians join forces. It is the only organization worldwide in which former fighters on both sides of an active conflict have renounced violence and chosen to work together for peace. Their joint action lays the groundwork for a peaceful future by modeling the potential of what can be.

Thank you, KRCL, 90.9 FM, for Radioactive interview November 14, 2019.

September 25, 2019

The newly released Empire Files and ANSWER Coalition documentary, “Gaza Fights for Freedom” was shown at the University of Utah Union Theater. The film’s creators and directors, Abby Martin and Michael Prysner, were present and responded to Q&A after the film. Watch the official movie trailer now:  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/gazafights

Massive protests in cities across Gaza—the world’s largest open-air prison—were called under the banner of “The Great March of Return” in 2018 with the demand that Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their lands seized in the ethnic cleansing that made way for the creation of the Israeli state.

Tens of thousands of Palestinian protesters were met with the brutality of the Israeli occupation forces. ‘Gaza Fights for Freedom’ is a glimpse into the on-going heroic struggle of the Palestinian people to survive a brutal occupation and genocide, and to return to their homeland.

This riveting collaboration between The Empire Files and a heroic team of Palestinian videographers in Gaza features exclusive coverage of the ‘Great March of Return’ protests, and extensive evidence—with frontline footage and victim testimony—of Israeli war crimes.

Sept 19, 2019

Hadley Rampton, renowned Utah Artist, presented slides of her travels to the West Bank at the Phillps Gallery where her watercolors of the West Bank and Morocco were on exhibit. A brief panel discussion with Q&A on Palestine followed the presentation.

Past UJPHL Speakers, Panelists, Film Producers

Demolition of homes is a common tactic used by Israeli Forces to occupy Palestinian land in the West Bank

A Palestinian family sits among their belongings after Israeli occupation forces demolished their home in  the Jordan Valley, part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, January 16, 2019
(photo credit: Ahmad Al-Bazz ActiveStills)

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Have you ever heard anyone say that the issue of Palestine/Israel is “complicated?” We have, and now there is a video to debunk it.

Watch video here.

Palestine 101 video

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